10 DIY Family Tree Photo Ideas | How to make family tree at home

Create an amazing family tree with these 10 DIY Family Tree Photo Ideas!

It is good to keep a memorable record of your ancestors by making a family tree, or you can also make it for decoration purposes. In this post, you will see 10 easy and attractive DIY family tree photo ideas. So stay tuned with us and follow your favorite DIY from the list below.

1. Family Tree Wall Just In 5 Easy Steps

The buddy’s who well know art & painting, this is the best family tree for them. With the help of raising bliss, you can start this project. The things you need in this project are picture frames, your family member’s pictures, for more visits raising bliss above!

2. DIY 3 D Family Tree

This 3D family tree is an awesome gift for your parents or friends in fact you can also put it in your living room for decoration. The materials used in this project are photographs, branches, a pot, floral foam, moss, and wood. To start this DIY, click here!

3. Driftwood Family Tree Idea


Looking for something different that beautifies your home too? This driftwood family tree is a perfect idea for you. All you have to do is follow the DIY here!

4. Family Tree From Woolen & Paper

A simple, easy, and cheap family tree task for you. All you have to do is follow the video tutorial here!

5. DIY Family Tree For Children’s

Share this idea with your children, it is a super easy and fun project for them. Start this project with the help of wooden, canvas, rope, bottle caps, family member’s photographs, and acrylic paint. Take inspiration from here!

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6. 3D Family Tree Idea

Attract your guests and friends with this beautiful family tree. Not only this, but it will also serve as decoration along with the family tree. Start the task here!

7. DIY Family Tree Chalkboard

Do you have a desire to make a vintage family tree? Try out this amazing DIY chalkboard family tree and make your wish a reality. Follow the instructions here!

8. Family Tree Photo Wreath

If you are looking for some attractive and unique family tree photo ideas to gift your grandparents, then this one can help you. Start making this DIY by clicking here!

9. Wall Hanging Family Tree

Design a family tree in your own style using cardboard and with some craft materials. Take inspiration from here!

10. DIY Family Tree Shadow Box

Look how crafty sisters make this amazing family tree shadow box using wooden strips and glass.

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