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10 Easy DIY Buddha Indoor Fountain

Splendid your tabletop with these 10 DIY Buddha Indoor Fountain Ideas!

As we all know the Buddha water fountain is the best for decorating the house and seeing it brings peace to the heart, but it is very expensive to buy. You can easily make it cheaply with home supplies. Here are 10 Easy DIY Buddha Indoor Fountain Ideas that will be useful for you!

1. DIY Buddha Indoor Fountain

DIY Buddha Fountain Indoor

Beautify your home with this amazing buddha indoor water fountain. All you need is a pot, buddha statue, river stones, hot glue gun & sticks, fake plants, and a pump. First of all, collect the river stones and fix them like big ones at the bottom and small ones at the top. Follow this tutorial here!

2. DIY Terracotta Buddha Fountain

Create a Buddha fountain with terracotta pots with the help of this tutorial video. Use rocks and pebbles, pump, finish the project by clicking the play button!

3. PVC Buddha Fountain

PVC Buddha Fountain

Use PVC pipes and other materials, and enjoy this project with friends and your children. All you have to do is follow this DIY step by step here


4. DIY Buddha Fountain From Styrofoam

Wow, pretty, it looks expensive but isn’t. Create this mind-blowing fountain with your old materials. Or you can gift it to buddha lovers. Press the play button to start this tutorial!

5. DIY Tabletop Cement Buddha Fountain

DIY Tabletop Cement Buddha Fountain

The simple and inexpensive tabletop fountain project by 360 DIY firstly cut the circle shape from the styrofoam sheet into various sizes (radius, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 cm). Second, paste all the cutting shapes in descending order.

6. Buddha Indoor Fountain Idea

Buddha Indoor Fountain Idea

Make the attraction of people in your living room by adding a charming buddha indoor fountain. We got this idea here!

7. DIY Realistic Mountain Fountain

DIY Realistic Mountain Fountain

Transform your waste styrofoam boxes into an attractive and realistic buddha small waterfall mountain. Start this project here!

8. Cheap and Simple Buddha Fountain

The cheapest and easiest project of this post. You will get almost supplies in your house, just you have to buy a pump. Finish the project with this video!

9. White Pebbles & LED Buddha Fountain

Make your Buddha fountain more spectacular with LED lights and white pebbles. You can also splendid your tabletop with this LED light & white pebble buddha fountain!

10. DIY Buddha Water Fountain Lamp Sculpture

DIY Buddha Water Fountain Lamp Sculpture

Make your home environment extra peaceful by the sound of the waterfall and with the light. If you know DIYing then this project is perfect for you. All you have to do is follow this DIY here!

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