12 Mind-Blowing DIY Cat Playground | Cat Playground Ideas

Make Your Boring Cat Playful!

Buying a playground for your cat is expensive. Here are 12 mind-blowing DIY cat playground ideas that will help you build at home easily and cheaply.

1. Tree House Playground

Make your cat’s boring life more fun with this treehouse playground. All you need is different sizes of woods, thick cardboard tubes, 4 curtain wooden rods, a piece of thick styrofoam, a sewing machine, and super glue or hot glue. Start the project here!

2. Frosta X Cat Playground

If you know little DIYing then this project is perfect for you. Learn how to make it here!

3. Cat Castle Playground

Give your cat a new amazing playground and castle. All you have to do is follow the video tutorial here!

4. DIY Wall-Mounted Cat Playground

This idea is best for those who have all wood cutting tools at home because they can easily make it. Make this wall mounted cat playground and make your cat happy. We got the idea here!

5. DIY Six Foot Playground For Cats

looking for an outdoor cat playground? make this beautiful and big playground for your little members. You can make this indoor or outdoor it’s up to you. All you want is 200 feet rope, grey carpet, brown carpet, cement form tubes, and a full sheet of 1/2 inch plywood. Start the project here


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6. DIY Cardboard Playground

A simple, easy, and quick project for you. Give this awesome gift to your beloved members and make them happy. Get full instructions here!

7. DIY Kitten Playhouse

Searching for a playhouse for your kittens? Make a kitten playhouse cheaply with the help of cardboard and glue gun & sticks. Take inspiration from here!

8. Playground With Paper Boxes

Learn how to make a cat playground with paper boxes here!

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9. DIY Cat Condo From Boxes

A fun project and a fun game for your little playful. All you need is cardboard boxes and a knife. Start the project here!

10. Labyrinth for Kittens

Enjoy your free time with fun activities of kittens. Build this amazing maze and watch your kitten’s fun activities. We got the idea here!

11. DIY Football Playground For Kittens

Build a football ground for your kittens and make them extra happy. Start making this project here!

12. Simple And Easy Playground

Keep your kittens busy with this hide-and-seek playground. Learn how to make it here!

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