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14Amazing DIY Doll House Ideas

 Best 14 DIY DollHouse Ideas For Your Little Girl!

Your daughter is insisting on buying a dollhouse, or you want to make a dollhouse for her. Here are 14 amazing DIY dollhouse ideas that you can make cheaply with the help of cardboard, paper, shoebox, and plywood.


1. DIY Dollhouse By Shoebox

DIY Shoebox Dollhouse

With the help of the newspaper, Sellotape, Papier-mache, and shoeboxes you can easily make this in an hour. Follow this tutorial step by step!

2. DIY Modern Dollhouse

DIY Modern Dollhouse

Yes, you can build this little beauty modern dollhouse for your little girl and make her dream a reality. Read more about this DIY here!

3. DIY Foldable Dollhouse

DIY Foldable Dollhouse

This dollhouse made of cereal boxes, it looks simple and colorful. The main thing about this dollhouse is that you can take it with you to the park or coffee shop. Tutorial by, Red Ted Art!

4. DIY Dollhouse BY Bookcase

DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

It’s a basic white wicker bookcase dollhouse with two shelves. With the help of scrapbook paper, you can decorate the dollhouse wall like wallpaper. Read the full tutorial here Engineer Mommy!

5. DIY Collapsible Dollhouse

DIY Collapsible Dollhouse Idea

Simple and pretty collapsible dollhouse. and a good gift for Christmas to your nieces. Tutorial by, Susan!

6. DIY Dollhouse From Cardboard

DIY Cardboard Dollhouse

It’s a great DIY project because your daughter can do most of the building. Just one cardboard box is enough for all the pieces including kitchen appliances. Visit a Little Red Window for a full tutorial!

7. DIY Crates Dollhouse

DIY Crates Dollhouse Idea

Wow, this is amazing, just take three wooden boxes from your local craft store, start this project with the help of Refresh Restyle!

8. DIY Fold-Away Dollhouse Idea

DIY Fold-Away Dollhouse Idea

You can make it on any scale to suit your specific needs, and you can add as many or as little decorations as you want. the main thing about this is when your children are not playing, the dollhouse can be folded and everything is neatly kept for another day. To learn more click here



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9. DIY DollHouse With Cardboard

DIY Cardboard DollHouse Idea

This impressive dollhouse just takes cardboard from your local craft store. make your daughter’s playhouse with some simple steps. For the full detailed tutorial visit Crafts By Courtney!

10. DIY Plywood Doll House

DIY Plywood Dollhouse

Amazing and beautiful for your little girl. Give your daughter a gift at Christmas. With the help of plywood and a few screws. Continue reading at A Beautiful Mess!

11. DIY Wooden Doll House

DIY Wooden Dollhouse

It’s a good idea for both dollhouses as well as bookshelves. You can make it on any wall all you need is plywood, wood grabber screws, and Wood Glue. To make this project more easy visit Remodel Holic!

12. DIY Miniature Cardboard Dollhouse

Creating miniature cardboard dollhouses is easy and fun. But it takes a little time, follow this tutorial and make all the fantasy rooms for your daughter.

13. DIY Shoebox Dollhouse

Another shoebox dollhouse with advanced decoration. With the help of waste materials, you can fulfill your daughter’s wish.

14. DIY Luxury Cardboard Dollhouse

Wow, it looks like a realistic house. If you want something different for your daughter then this is a good option for you. build this dollhouse and see the smile on your little girl’s face.

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