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15Adorable DIY Lampshade Frames Ideas

15 Easy Adorable DIY Lampshade Frames Ideas!

Searching for inexpensive lampshade ideas? you are in the right place Here are the cheapest DIY lampshade frames ideas with easy tutorials. We have some popular lampshades, choose your favorite one!


1. DIY Nut Container Lamp Shade

DIY Nut Container Lamp Shade

A funky project, only requires a few simple supplies, two cylinders cut from a can, cross-stitch fabric, acrylic paint, glue, and embroidery floss. Find this tutorial here!

2. DIY Reveal hidden lampshade Frame Idea

DIY Reveal hidden lampshade

Really this lamp is beautiful, customized your simple lampshade with the help of computer paper and Double-sided tape. just as shown on Pink Stripey Socks!

3. DIY Fortune Teller lampshade

DIY Fortune Teller lampshade

The idea is to make a bunch of paper fortune tellers of different colors and patterns to use them for decorating the outside of a plain lampshade. Find this project on Craft and Creativity!

4. DIY Instagram Photo Lampshade

DIY Instagram Photo Lampshade

Show off your best Instagram photos in a cool way. First, you need to print your favorite photos or your baby photos then you have to glue them onto the lampshade. Found on Million Moments!

5. DIY Ribbon Lampshade

DIY Ribbon Lampshade

Decorate your ordinary lamp with ribbon. All you have to figure out how much ribbon you’ll need, and keep in mind that you need to wind the ribbon vertically around and around the lampshade. Dress it up with the help of The Craft Tu tor


6. DIY Concrete Pendant Lampshade

DIY Concrete Pendant Lampshade

It’s difficult to find cheap and modern lampshades on the market. You can make yourself an entire set of stylish concrete pendant lights with the help of a bag of concrete and old plastic bottles. Visit Homemade-Modern for full DIY!

7. DIY Wood Bead Lampshade

DIY Wood Bead Lampshade

I fell in love with the wood bead lampshade, which is popular right now. If you know DIYing then the process of making a wood bead lamp is easier for you. Check the Designer Trapped to learn more about this!

8. DIY Geometric Pendant Lampshade Frame

DIY Geometric Pendant Lampshade

Start your geometric pendant lamp project with the help of straws. The main thing about this lamp is that it looks expensive and modern. Find the full tutorial here!


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9. DIY Rope Lampshade

DIY Rope Lampshade

It can be made quite easily, all you need is a rope and an old lamp frame. You can also use your favorite color rope or yarn. With the help of a Blogalacart complete your DIY.

10. DIY Flush Mount Lampshade

DIY Flush Mount Lampshade

With the help of a Heathered Nest tutorial, create a beautiful flush mount lampshade in under $10 and decorate it on a ceiling light.

11. DIY Dip-Dye Lampshade Frame idea

DIY Dip-Dye Lampshade

It’s a classic and inexpensive project. To complete this DIY, you only need four supplies, fabric dye, water, a paintbrush, and a large tray. Check out this tutorial step by step here!

12. DIY Faux Embroidery Lampshade

DIY Faux Embroidery Lampshade

This is an easy tutorial that shows you how to make a faux embroidery lampshade frame in simple steps. Take inspiration from somuchbetterwithage!

13. DIY Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade

DIY Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade

Shabby Chic is still in trending but it can be expensive to purchase. learn how to make chic rosette lamp in easy steps. Check the full tutorial here!

14. DIY Old Sweater Lampshade

DIY Old Sweater Lampshade

Repurpose your old sweater in the modern lampshade. To no more about this lamp visit Un Skinny Boppy tutorial!

15. DIY Hair Dye Lampshade Frame Idea

DIY Hair Dye Lampshade

This project is so easy and quick. It costs nothing, and since you have all the supplies. If for some reason you do not have a full tube of hot pink hair dye, you can use plain old rit dye from the grocery store. Visit the Annie-Nilsson tutorial!