18 Stunning DIY Plant Wall Decor Ideas | DIY Wall Planters Indoor

Make your wall look fabulous with these 18 stunning DIY plant wall decor ideas!

It is super easy to decorate your wall with beautiful indoor plants. In this post, you will see easy, quick, and cheap DIY plant wall decor ideas to beautify your boring wall. Read the article thoroughly and follow your favorite DIY below.

1. DIY Wood Plant Wall

A modern way to decorate your wall with these small wall planters. You just need wood strips and some other usual materials. Follow the informative tutorial here!

2. Hanging Plant Wall

The living wall planter makes your home extra beautiful. Make these small hanging planters with the help of a wall grid plant hanger, plastic planters, small ivy plants, and drill. learn how to make it here!

3. DIY Indoor Vertical Wall Garden

Create a small garden in your living room with the help of wall-mounted shelves. You can use real plants or fake plants it’s up to you. Learn how to make a vertical wall garden here!

4. DIY Planter Wall

Embellish your boring wall to a stunning planter wall. The material you need for the project is plant clips, terracotta pots, tape measurements, drills, and drywall anchors. Take inspiration from here!

5. DIY Copper Pipes Wall Planter

An easy and cheap way to transform your wall using copper PVC pipes. All you need are plant soil, large nails, metallic copper spray paint, small plants, and a hammer. Follow the detailed article here!

6. DIY Vertical Succulent Wall Garden

It seems expensive, but it is cheap. Start this project with the help of lolly jane’s tutorial.

7. DIY Wall Vegetable garden

If you don’t have much space in your house and you want to grow vegetables, try this wall vegetable garden. The materials you need are cedar, a roll of wire, cutting pliers, a pencil, scissors, safety glasses, tape measure, hammer, and staples gun. Click here for the DIY project!

8. DIY Pallet Living Wall

This wall planter is especially useful for those who live in small places. You just need pallets and some other household items. Full DIY available here


9. DIY Hanging plant wall Decor

There is nothing easier than hanging plants for wall decoration. You don’t need to buy much from the store, all you need is a broomstick and some other household supplies. Learn how to make a hanging plant wall here!

10. DIY Fake Plant Wall Art

It is easy to make fake plants at home. Splendid your empty wall easily and cheaply with the help of fake plants. Follow the video tutorial here!

11. Succulent Wall Garden

Looking for a big and attractive plant wall decor project? Make this succulent wall easily with the help of DIY here!

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12. Living Wall Vertical Garden

If you love colorful flowering plants, then the Living wall vertical garden is perfect for you. Follow the DIY here!

13. DIY Cedar Wall Planter

Do you have pieces of wood? Reuse them to make the wall planters. Learn how to make it here!

14. DIY Wall Vertical Gardening

The cheap and super quick project of this post. Reuse your useless soda bottle and beautify your yard wall. We got the DIY here!

15. DIY Wall Art

With the help of a wooden board, colored string, small nails, air plants, and a hammer, start making this stunning wall wood art here!

16. DIY Wall Mounted Succulents Planter

A perfect and easy wall decor idea for you. The materials you need are wood, terracotta pots, and succulents plants. Take inspiration from here!

17. Faux Greenery Wall Decor

The best idea for your bathroom wall decor. If you have faux plants in your home then you don’t need to buy anything else. Find the Tutorial video here!

18. Round Wall Hanging Planter

Make your wall extra beautiful quickly and cheaply with the help of a PVC pipe. The materials you need are black spray paint, PVC pipe, white sand & pebbles, acrylic sheet, and super glue. Follow the tutorial here!


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