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19 DIY Hydroponic tower Ideas

Grow more and more vegetables with us. Here are 19 Amazing DIY Vertical Hydroponics Tower ideas with tutorials. So stay tuned with us to know DIY Vertical Hydroponics Tower Ideas!

Use your free space and grow vegetables, herbs, and flower plants easily with these mind-blowing DIY Vertical Hydroponic Tower Ideas. Stay tuned with us to learn more about the vertical hydroponics garden.

Benefits of Hydroponics

The planters have total control over a hydroponic system. They are able to manage the nutrients and PH of plants so that they are getting the exact nutrients they need. Hydroponics allows making farms in a location where the condition of the soil is poor, to support farming. And the main benefits of the hydroponic system are:-

  1. No Soil is Needed.
  2. Make better use of location and space.
  3. PH Control.
  4. Better Growth.
  5. Labor and Time Savers.
  6. No Weeds.
  7. Effective use of Nutrients.
  8. Hydroponic is water-saving.
  9. Decorative & Attractive.
  10.  Space saver.
  11. 30% Faster.

1. DIY Robotic Urban Farm System

DIY Robotic Urban Farm System

Make a modern and smart hydroponic tower with the help of PVC pipes. Grow leafy green vegetables such as Romaine, Boston bib, and Cabbages red and green. Start your project here!

2. DIY Terra Cotta

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

Super easy hydroponic tower project for planters as well as it will beautify your free space. Start this DIY with the help of terra cotta pots.

3. DIY Strawberry Vertical Hydroponics tower

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

Instead of buying strawberries, you can easily grow them in your home. Collect gallon plastic nursery pots and a plastic bottle. Continue reading at a piece of the rainbow!

4. Diy Vertical Aquaponic System

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

Recycle your shelf Plano bookshelf into a perfectly vertical aquaponic system. Start this project with the help of this tutorial!

5. PVC NFT Hydroponics System

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

In this project, you need six growing tubes made of 6 PVC pipes. A stand and trellis made of PVC, 50- a gallon nutrient tank, a pump, and a manifold. We got this idea here!

6. DIY Kratky Method

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

It is very easy to set up and use, and obviously a great starter for anyone new to hydroponics. The main thing is that you do not need to buy electronic equipment and don’t require electricity to run. Start this with the help of green and vibrant!

7. DIY Hydroponic Fodder System

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

It is very expensive to buy animal food from a shop, a hydroponic fodder system is the best for growing organic wheat and barley grass. Finish this project with the help of Rina Marie!

8. DIY Hydroponic Garden in a Jar

DIY Hydroponic Garden in a Jar

A small low-maintenance setup in which you can grow herbs and flowering plants. Learn How to Make a Hydroponic Garden in a Jar here!

9. DIY Hydroponic Soda Bottle System

The easiest and quickest hydroponic vertical garden idea of this article. See all the supplies and instructions here!

10. DIY Bucket Hydroponic Garden

Vertical Hydroponics tower

Another simple hydroponic project for beginners. All you want to do is drill a series of holes in a clean plastic bucket about 4cm above the bottom of the bucket. The number and size of holes are not significant, generally, 6 to 10 holes, 1/2 diameter. Finish this project with the help of simple hydro!

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11. DIY PVC Hydroponics Unit

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

There are several benefits of PVC hydroponic units like 90% less water usage, 30% more growth, complete nutrient control, 20% faster growth, not much $ for upkeep, and many more. It is an easy and cheap project for gardeners, all you have to do is follow this article step by step here!

12. DIY Hydroponic Window Farm

DIY Hydroponic Window Farm

Make your empty window more fascinating with this hydroponic window garden. Make this project where the sunlight comes, start this project with the help of plastic bottles. We got this idea here


13. DIY Hydroponic Tower

19 DIY Vertical Hydroponics tower Ideas | DIY Vertical Hydroponics ideas

Want a modern hydroponic tower that can also serve as home decoration? Learn more about this here!

14. DIY Hydroponic Garden

DIY Hydroponic Garden

Looking for something big for your terrace? With the help of this tutorial, you can easily grow 600 plants in 36 square feet. Start this project here!

15. DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower

DIY Vertical Pyramid Tower

Pyramid tower is the best choice for a vertical garden as well as it gives you the extra gardening and planting space you need. We got this article here!

16. DIY Hydroponic Drip Garden

Diy Hydroponic Drip Garden

Grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers plant with the help of this informative article. All you need is a heavy-duty plastic storage box with a recessed plastic lid, PVC pipe, Square Plastic pots, and hydroponic nutrients. Full DIY is here!

17. DIY Hydroponic Bucket

DIY Hydroponic Bucket

Learn how to make a simple and easy hydroponic bucket garden. All you want is a heavy plastic bucket and PVC pipe.

18. DIY Hydroponic Tower From The Water Bottle

DIY Hydroponic tower from the water bottle


With the help of plastic water bottles of any size, a cutting tool like a knife or razor blade, a marker, and a drill or awl. Follow the detailed article on clean tech loops!

19. Build a Hydroponic Tower Garden Like a Pro

You can also try this if you want a big hydroponic tower garden. See all the supplies and how-to directions here!

Disadvantages of Hydroponics

Before making a hydroponic garden consider some important questions. There are several disadvantages to the hydroponics system. If you work hard for a hydroponic system then it is best for you. Let us see the disadvantages of hydroponics:-

  1. Long return per investment.
  2. Diseases and pests may spread quickly.
  3. Initial expenses.
  4. System failure threats.
  5. Water and electricity risks.
  6. Experiences and technical knowledge.
  7. Organic debates.
  8. More time and commitment are required.

Most Common Hydroponics Pests & Diseases And How To Fight Them!

It is difficult to take care of hydroponic plants after all the processes. Don’t worry about plants being effective from pests and diseases, because we have a solution for this.

There are 5 most common indoor plants pests that are:-

  1. Whiteflies– are very small pests about 1mm long and they cause white and yellowing spots on leaves.
  2.  Aphids– can weaken the leaves of plants as they suck the juice from the leaves and make them yellow. Aphids have many colors such as green, black, or gray.
  3. Thrips– slender insects with fringed wings and unique asymmetrical mouthparts. The size of this insect is about 5mm long.
  4. Spider mites– Are classified as a type of arachnid, a relative of spiders, ticks, and scorpions. Adults are reddish-brown or pale in color, oval-shaped and very small 1/50 inch long.
  5.  Fungus Gnats– The fungus gnats, insects that belong to the fly family Diptera, occur around moist, decaying vegetation, algae, and fungi. They are harmful to greenhouses, nurseries, and internal plants.

The best home remedy for hydroponics pests is neem oil. Use neem oil for insects and pests, neem oil has the ability to fight insects and they also dislike the smell of neem. All you want to do is apply neem oil on sick leave. Learn more about hydroponics insects here!

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