20 DIY Teacup Planter | DIY Teacup Garden

Beautify your home with these brilliant 20 DIY Teacup Planter Ideas!

Use broken and old teacup and beautify your home cheaply, this is the best way to decorate a garden, balcony, or rooms. Here are 20 brilliant DIY Teacup Planter ideas which help you to create a pretty small garden.


1. DIY Vintage Teacup Garden

Looking for an attractive DIY winter project? Create a simple and stunning DIY vintage teacup planter with your broken or old teacup. Follow the DIY here!

2. DIY Teacup Planter

Take care of your little plants by making this amazing DIY teacup planter in your home. All you need to do is follow this DIY!

3. DIY Teacup Cactus Planter

Cactus is always the perfect decorator for your home plus the best gift for friends. All you need is a vintage teacup or you can buy from thrift stores and yard sales, various small cacti or you can also use succulents. We got this DIY here!

4. DIY Hanging Teacup Garden

A hanging teacup planter is a perfect idea for your boring balcony. You can grow moss rose, herbs, cactus, and succulents it’s up to you. Click here for complete DIY!

5. DIY Teacup Miniature Garden

Surprise your little plants by planting them in a teacup and make a small teacup garden on your tabletop or kitchen countertop. Start this project here!

6. DIY Teacup Fairy Garden

Oh wow, this is a marvelous project to beautify your home. Decorate your living room, guest room, and kitchen from the teacup fairy garden. All you have to do is follow DIY here!

7. Teacup Fairy Planter

Another teacup fairy garden. Start this project here!

8. DIY Succulent Teacup Garden

Make a small beautiful world on a teacup in your home. All you need is an old cup, saucer, small rocks, mixed soil, cactus, succulents, wall moss, plants, wooden craft sticks, glue & glue gun, and mosaic stones, continue reading here!

9. DIY Teacup Water Garden

Make a centerpiece for your table and beautify your home with this teacup water garden. We got this idea here!

10. Teacup Herb Garden

Grow your favorite herbs in several teacups and create a small garden anywhere in your house. DIY is here!

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11. Moss Rose Teacup Garden

Moss rose are easy to grow and the teacup is a perfect place to plant them. Make moss rose garden easily with go make me!

12. DIY Cactus Teacup Planter

Make your garden unique with this cute cactus teacup planter, all you need is cactus and colorful small stones. This DIY will help you!

13. Mother’s Day Teacup Garden

Make mother’s day special by gifting this beautiful teacup garden to your mother. Start this project here!

14. Teacup Party Favors Garden

How about gifting this beautiful teacup party favors to your gardener’s friends? Or you can impress your guests by decorating party favors at home. Start DIY here!

15. Teacup Sconce Planter

Teacup sconce planter is the best and neat way to beautify your outdoor. The tutorial is here!

16. Fabric Teacup Planters

An attractive and unique project by gardenoholic. Decorate your simple teacup with fabric and impress your friends.

17. DIY Simple Teacup Planter

Create a simple and neat teacup herb garden, learn how to make teacup garden easily here!

18. DIY Old Teacup Planter

Learn how DIYnetwork creates a beautiful small table garden from old teacups.

19. Broken Teacup Planter

Follow this tutorial video and learn how to make a broken teacup garden.

20. Teacup Succulent Garden For Mother’s Day

Dobbies Garden Centres show you how easy it is to create a beautiful teacup succulent garden, the perfect Mother’s Day gift. All you need is a teacup, succulent and cactus, potting gravel, twine, and gift labels.