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DIY Old Denim Jeans Hacks!

DIY Old Denim Jeans Hacks!

In this article, you will learn how to recycle old denim jeans for your beneficial needs. Here are 20 easy DIY old denim jeans hacks with brilliant ideas!

1. DIY Denim Snack Bag

DIY Denim Snack Bag

Amazing denim snack bag with old stuff. To finish this project you want an old pair of pants, an old belt, needle and thread, and a sewing machine. Continue reading at Between The Lines!

2. DIY Denim Basket

DIY Denim B asket


This is the perfect option to recycle your old denim in a basket. Keep in your fresh fruits and veggies or you can also take it on a picnic. Take inspiration from OhOhDeco!

3. DIY Denim Whale

DIY Denim Whale

Making a whale with denim is a beautiful toy for your children. Or you can gift to your niece is up to you. With the help of, a leg from a pair of old jeans, a tiny bit of blue fabric for the eye, filling, sewing thread, a sewing machine, and a little bit of patience. To end this project visit Valaan Villapaita!

4. DIY Denim Pillow

DIY Denim Pillow

With the help of this DIY make a fascinating denim pillow. Follow the instructions Here!

5. DIY Denim Lunch Bag

DIY Denim Lunch Bag

Buying denim lunch bags from stores is expensive. Make your own denim lunch bag with old jeans. For more visit Purl Soho!

6. DIY Denim Bucket

DIY Denim Bucket

Super inexpensive and modern DIY venture. You can put all the little stuff laying around in your work area in this little denim pail. Continue reading at Curly Made!

7. DIY Denim Pot Holder

DIY Denim Pot Holder

Make a charming and remarkable arrangement of pot holders, recycle your old denim pants in a couple of steps. Utilize a few pieces of white texture and painted polka dabs and stripes with yellow color. To start your project visit, Alisa Burke!

8. DIY Scatter Rug

DIY Scatter Rug

Take out your old pair of pants and make a bath mat in a couple of steps. Use scissors to cut the hem off the bottom of each leg, then cut up the leg in a spiral till you reached the crotch. Continue reading at Gillian Hamilton!

9. DIY Flower Corsage

DIY Flower Corsage

Design your basic garments with denim pants blossoms. Cut flower shapes. It is easy to cut using corners as a guide. Remember, this does not need to be perfect, continue reading at Tea Rose Home!

10. DIY Denim Rosette Headband

DIY Denim Rosette Headband

It is truly simple to make your own denim headband utilizing reused pants. Furthermore, the best part is, it will cost you not exactly a dollar. First, you need a plastic headband, end this task Here!

11. DIY Jeans Pocket Garland

DIY Jeans Pocket Garland

This adaptable no-sew pants pocket garland will be a mainstay for your open-air eating this mid-year. Follow this instructional tutorial Here!

12. DIY zippered Denim Bag

DIY zippered Denim Bag

Appealing and lovely zippered denim bag, you can utilize this bag when going to the gym or for your weekend picnic. Follow instructions Here!

13. DIY Child’s Apron

DIY Child’s Apron

Make apron with the help of your children, Follow this Tutorial and learn how to make a kid’s apron for crafting and messy play.

14. DIY Denim Canvas Art

DIY Denim Canvas Art

Write your favorite quote or song lyrics in a denim canvas art frame. End this project Here!

15. DIY Denim Mobile Holder

DIY Denim Mobile Holder

Use your denim jeans pocket for a mobile holder. Start this Project with the help of old Jeans, Cotton Roll, Thread Needle, and Scissor.

16. DIY Girl Apron

DIY Girl Apron

If your jeans have faded, then apron is a good option for you. Start this project by cutting the bottom of the jeans. Continue reading at Creative Green Living!

17. DIY Denim Necklace

DIY Denim Necklace

Wow, beautiful and stately. First, cut a wide strip of denim with jeans. Brush a layer of mod podge about an inch long-on fabric. Take inspiration from Sprinkle Some Fun!

18. DIY Dip-Dyed Ornamented Jeans

DIY Dip-Dyed Ornamented Jeans

Design your old denim in a new cool pattern. Dip a few inches of your pants into watered-down bleach and leave it there for a few hours. For more visit  Minted Strawberry!

19. DIY Denim Wreath

DIY Denim Wreath

This is a super cool project that does not require any sewing. Make denim wreath in simple steps with the help of this DIY!

20. DIY Denim Bracelet

DIY Denim Bracelet

This is a simple, easy bracelet that you can make with old jeans. End this project Here!


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