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25 Brilliant Herb Pots Ideas

Follow these 25 Brilliant Herb Pots Ideas and beautify your home!

Get rid of the lack of space. Here are 25 brilliant Herb Pots Ideas that will help you to create an herb garden in a small space. Stay tuned with us to know more about Herb Pots Ideas!

1. Vertical Herbs Pocket Garden

Herb Pots Ideas

If you have a small space issue, a hanging pocket will help you to grow herbs in your home. You easily grow herbs, salad, and minibel, it’s up to you. Follow this DIY here!

2. Hanging Herb Garden

Hanging Herb Garden

Use your creativity and build a hanging herb garden plus beautify your empty wall. You no need to buy anything from the store, all you need is cardboard, rope, pots, and a drill machine. We got the idea here!

3. Herb Garden From Kitchen Pan

Herb Garden From Kitchen Pan

Need fresh herbs, but you don’t have space for gardening? Easily build an indoor herb garden and grow your favorite herbs such as mini paper, peppermint, and thyme. All you need is cinnamon sticks, moss, utensils, and an enamel pan. Follow the idea here!

4. Copper wire Hanging Planter


Copper wire Hanging Planter

This is a perfect herb pot garden idea, give your small herbs a safe place, and create an attractive herb garden. We got this idea here!

5. Coffee Mug Herb Garden

Coffee Mug Herb Garden

A coffee mug is a stylish way to display herbs at home. Start this project here!

6. Herb Container Garden

Herb Container Garden

The container is the best place to grow herbs. Get fresh herbs by growing thyme, oregano, basil, and sage. DIY is here!

7. Herb Planter For Mother’s Day

Herb Planter For Mother's Day

This is the perfect way to represent your love for mom, make an herb pot from a large tea tin, and give your mom a reason to smile. We got this amazing idea here!

8. Countertop Herb Garden

Countertop Herb Garden

Cheaply build a beautiful herb garden on your kitchen countertop. All you have to do is follow this tutorial step here!

9. Herb Pallet Planter

Herb Pallet Planter

Outdoor super easy herb garden Project, learn how to plan herb pallet garden easily and cheaply. We got this idea here!

10. Herb Wood Wall Planter

Herb Wood Wall Planter

Use your free space for the herb garden and beautify your home. All you want is a piece of pinewood, drill, wood glue, spray paint, rope, and small clay pots. Continue reading at shanty-2-chic!

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11. Herb Hanging Garden

Herb Hanging Garden

The kitchen is the best place to grow herbs plus it beautifies your kitchen too, take advantage of your kitchen window, and grow your favorite herbs easily. Click here to start this project!

12. Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen Herb Garden

With the help of yummy mummy kitchen, make a small herb garden from the old gift basket.

13. Strawberry Pot Herb Planter

Strawberry Pot Herb Planter

Use your old strawberry pot and grow lots of herbs in a small space. Start this project here!

14. PVC Herb Garden

PVC Herb Garden

If you want something different to make a herb garden then it will help you. Grow peppermint & lemon Thyme and make your small herb garden. DIY is here!

15. Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

Recycle your soda bottle into a hanging herb garden. All you need is a scrap of wood, 2-liter plastic bottles, fresh herbs, potting soil, continue reading here!

16. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Make a small beautiful herb garden and beautify your kitchen. Grow your favorite herb like mint, sweet basil, chives, dill, flat Italian parsley. We got this idea here!

17. Herb Hanging Gutter Garden

Herb Hanging Gutter Garden

Create a stylish hanging herb garden without spending too much money. Start this project here!

18. Basket Herb Garden

Basket Herb Garden

Grow all your favorite herbs in a basket and make the food more delicious. We got the idea here!

19. Container Herb Garden

Container Herb Garden

Use your old pots and container, and grow your needy herbs. DIY is here!

20. Multiple Herbs Gardening Tips

Multiple Herbs Gardening Tips

Learn how to grow multiple herbs in a container. Follow this tutorial here!

21. Mix Herb Pot

Mix Herb Pot

Easily grow spearmint, peppermint, thyme, dill, basil, parsley, and oregano in a strawberry pot. Follow DIY here!

22. Terracotta Herb Garden

Terracotta Herb Garden

Create a vertical herb garden and beautify your home. All you have to do is follow this tutorial step by step here!

23. Vintage Teacup Herb Garden

Vintage Teacup Herb Garden

Make your home look great with this vintage teacup herb garden. Learn how to grow herb in a teacup here!

24. Chandelier Herb Garden

Chandelier Herb Garden

Recycle your old chandelier in a beautiful herb garden. You can also paint the chandelier with your favorite color. We got this Idea here!

25. Aquarium Herb Garden

Aquarium Herb Garden

Use your old aquarium and create a wonderful colorful herb garden. Learn how to build an aquarium herb garden here!