5 Effective Home Remedies For Cat Ear Mites | DIY remedies for cat ear mites

Here Are Some Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Cat Ear Mites!


Is your cat bothered by mites, fleas, or ticks, or is she infected with scratching wounds? If yes, then here are simple and effective natural Home Remedies for Cat Ear Mites. So, try any one remedy from the below and make them happy!


What Are Ear Mites?

Scientifically known as Otodectes cynotis, ear mites are tiny pint-sized creatures that look like miniature spiders or crabs. Ear mites are a fairly common parasite in both cats and dogs.


Home Treatment for Cat Ear Mites

1. Oil For Cat Ear Mites

To handle this situation your first step is to clean your cat’s ear canal. A lot of oils can be used for cleaning like mineral oil, olive oil, and even corn oil. With the help of cotton swabs and warm oil, carefully clean your cat’s ear and remove as much dark matter as possible.

2. Apply Garlic And Olive Oil Mixture

Aside from removing and killing cat parasites, garlic and olive oil mixture can also curb ear infection and the main thing about this mixture is to heal scaly and scabby ears.

3. Honey For Cat Mites

Honey has natural healing properties and antibacterial agents. It can help treat any wound and you can apply it directly to a cat’s ear two or three times a day for wound faster healing.


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4. Aloe Vera For Cat Mites

Aloe Vera Gel is widely known for relieving and healing wounds. It fights many infections such as bacteria, fungi, and mites in pets or animals. You can apply directly to your cat’s ear two or three times a day.

5. Vaseline For Cat Mites

Vaseline has strong moisturizing properties and is an excellent choice for healing minor skin scrapes and cat ear mites. Apply Vaseline directly to your cat’s ears two or three times a day.

NOTE: If your cat does not get relief from all these home remedies then contact the doctor immediately!

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