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DIY waterfall and ponds

Here is the simple and easiest DIY for a small waterfall.

Sometimes you just sit in your backyard and missing something like a small waterfall or small pond. Here is a DIY you can build a realistic pond, follow these tutorials, and change your yard in a landscape.


1.  DIY Side Yard Waterfall

Side Yard Waterfall DIY

It looks like heaven in your yard. with the help of beautiful pallets of stone and pond basin. Follow this DIY here.

2.  DIY Backyard Pond

Backyard Waterfall and Pond DIY

For a large garden, it will look completely natural. Enjoy your morning coffee in a backyard. Follow this DIY here.

3. DIY waterfall In Budget

DIY  In Budget

It might be hard to see but if you start building then you can easily complete in a day. Click here


4. DIY Small Waterfall

Easiest project in the list, only you need cement, sand, straw, and plastic water bottle. Check full DIY here.

5.  DIY Small Aquarium

Pretty waterfall aquarium for fish lovers, only you need pots and bricks.

6. DIY Bricks And Led

Wow, it’s amazing. If you are looking for a simple and attractive DIY, Watch the full tutorial.

7. DIY small Concrete Fountain

DIY Concrete Fountain

Build a Fountain within a week, it’s pretty good. Check out the complete DIY here.

I think you might have found your favorite DIY. start with today and share your experience in the comment box.

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