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8 DIY Zen Indoor Fountain Ideas

Make your tabletop more facinating with these 8 DIY Zen Indoor Fountain Ideas!

It is very expensive to buy a beautiful Zen fountain from shops. You can easily make small waterfall fountain from home supplies and waste materials with the help of your friends or children. Follow these mind-blowing DIY Zen indoor fountain ideas and make your home more attractive.


1. DIY Simple Zen Fountain

DIY Zen Indoor Fountain

Beautify your home with this gorgeous zen fountain. All you need is river stones, pebbles, and pumps. Make a base with concrete material, continue reading here!

2. DIY Zen Planter Fountain

DIY Zen Indoor Fountain

This fountain is still in trending and it is very expensive to buy. Make this pretty fountain in a half an hours, all you need is plastic tub, pump, a zen, and fake plants. Start this DIY here!

3. Styrofoam & Concrete Zen Fountain

DIY Zen Indoor Fountain

Fun and cheap project takes time but the end result is Satisfied you. All you need is styrofoam, little giant water pump, flex-seal liquid rubber, rede-crete concrete, 2′ plastic tubing, and acrylic paint. We got idea here!

4. DIY Zen Egg Fountain

DIY Zen Indoor Fountain

This miniature fountain makes a perfect addition to a small deck and takes very less time to make. All you want is a egg, white cement, hot glue sticks, hot glue gun, and small water pump. End this task here


5. Zen Fountain From Cement

DIY Zen Indoor Fountain

Make your tabletop more facinating with this small zen faountain from cement. The materials required for this project are plantar bases, white cement, concrete fiber, sand, marble dust and water fountain pump. Start this project here!

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6. DIY Relaxing Fountain

DIY Relaxing Fountain

Best of this article, make this magnificent fountain with the help of artificial plants, LED waterproofing, hot glue, hot glue sticks, rocks and pebbles. Start this project here!

7. DIY PVC Zen Fountain

DIY PVC Zen Fountain

Build a permanent water fountain from cement and other supplies. We got this idea here!

8. DIY Zen Indoor Fountain

DIY Zen Indoor Fountain

If you are looking for a simple and cheap project, then this is perfect for you. All you have to do is make a cement mixer in a bowl, continue DIY here!