8 Mind-Blowing Old Shoe Hacks For Gardeners | DIY Old Shoe for garden

Add New Members To Your Garden!

Instead of throwing your old shoes, you can use them for your garden. So keep your eyes open and follow these 8 mind-blowing old shoe hacks for gardeners!

1. DIY Shoes Balcony Garden

Beautify your balcony garden using old shoes. All you have to do is follow the video tutorial here!

2. Flower Pot From Shoes

Try this beautiful and attractive DIY shoe hack idea. This is a perfect choice for your staircase, you do not need to do too much on this project. The materials you need are pair of shoes, paint, a cement bag, soil, and water. We got the idea here!

3. DIY Shoe Hack For Gardeners

With the help of your children make this project in 30 minutes. The supplies you need are a hot glue gun, soil, saplings, pair of old shoes, paint, and water. Take inspiration from here!

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4. DIY Hanging Planter From Shoe

You can hang it in your craft room or on your balcony. Learn how to make a hanging planter from shoe here!

5. Small Space Garden From Shoes

With the help of shoes and other home supplies, you can make a small beautiful garden. Follow the video tutorial here


6. Colorful shoe planters Idea

Collect your old boots and color them with different colors. Hang them into your yard boundary and fill them with soil and flowering plants. Now, your colorful flower planters are ready to bloom.

7. Succulent Garden From Canvas Shoe

Instead of throwing your small canvas, plant succulent plants in it and create a small garden. All you need to do is fill your shoes with potting mix soil and gently plant the different varieties of succulent in it, and water the plants.

8. Shoe Lantern Stand

A perfect and beautiful idea for your yard. Make this shoe lantern stand and shock your friends. Follow the directions below.


  • A PVC pipe
  • A Shoe
  • Wire
  • A Lantern
  • Concrete Mixture

How To Make

  • Place the PVC pipe in the center of the shoe and pour the mixture into the shoe.
  • Pour the mixture to the level of the shoe so that the stand remains firmly in place.
  • Allow it to dry for 24 hours to set the pipe properly.
  • Make a hanger with wire and hang the lantern on top of the pipe. ( In S shape)