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8DIY Amazing Picture Frame With Cardboard

 Enjoy your craft time with these 8 Amazing DIY Picture Frame With Cardboard!

If you have collected a lot of wedding invitation cards, or have a lot of cardboard, you can easily make a picture frame out of cardboard and decorate it with your own ideas. Here are some simple and easy tutorials to make your work easier!

1. DIY Picture Frame With Yarn

DIY Picture Frame With Yarn

Wow, make your own design with the help of yarn with your favorite color. Firstly mark the cardboard and photo in a square shape and cut the middle area of the cardboard properly. Continue reading here!

2. DIY Magnetic Christmas Photo Frame

DIY Magnetic Christmas Photo Frame

Give this gift to your children on Christmas and make them happy. All you have to do is, sketch the frame on the cardboard with the help of a pencil and measure how much space you need for the picture and cut out the center area. Use scrapbook paper for the section of your frame. Follow this tutorial step by step.

3. DIY Corrugated Cardboard  Frame

DIY Corrugated Cardboard  Frame

Simple and easiest picture frame project by Bella online, make this simple frame and decorate with yarn or watercolor.

4. DIY Invitation Card  Frame

DIY Invitation Card  Frame

With this DIY, you will know how to make this pretty frame. All you have to do is cut the cardboard in a frame of equal size and cut out the middle area from it. Glue the decorative paper properly on the frame. follow this instruction.

5. DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Frame

DIY Valentine’s Day Photo Frame

Perfect homemade gift for your girl or boyfriend, make and give love through this picture frame. Firstly take a faux bois paper and color it a metallic brown and lemony yellow color. With the help of your backside color brush draw the oval’s design. Let the paper dry for a spell and repeat this method backside of your paper. Follow the rad Megan

tutorial step by step.

6. DIY Double-side Frame

DIY Double-side Frame

A double-side Picture Frame is a good option for picture lovers. All you have to do is cut two equal frames from the cardboard. Take a black paper sheet to hinge fold your photo frame, cut it with the shape of both two frames, and affix it to the back of the frame. End this project with this tutorial!

7. DIY Glitter Photo Frame

DIY Glitter Photo Frame

Adorable picture frame by Allison, all you have to do is, take a frame and remove the plastic and glass from it. Cut the newspaper and stick it on a frame. And with Glu apply the glitter coat to the full frame. Allow drying overnight.

8. DIY Simple Picture Frame

DIY Simple Picture Frame

Simple and beautiful cardboard picture frame. It is a perfect birthday gift for children. End this project in a few steps, let’s see how.

Follow the tutorial step by step below


  • Metal ruler.
  • Pencil.
  • Glitter.
  • Cardboard.
  • Scissor.
  • White Paper.
  • Gum Or Fevicol.

How to make:

  • Cut the cardboard into an ovate and square shape.
  • Paste the white paper on both shapes.
  • Allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Decorate both shapes, like in this picture.
  • Allow them to dry for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Cut your picture with frame size.
  • Set your picture in a frame.

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