9 Easy DIY Rat Cage Ideas With Tutorials | DIY Rat Cage Ideas

Here Are 9 Easy And Cheap DIY Rat Cage Ideas!

Turn your old or useless stuff into a wonderful rat cage. Making a rat cage at home is not a big deal, you can make it anytime without spending much. In this post, you will see 9 amazing DIY rat cage ideas with tutorials. So, follow the DIY form below to protect your rats from cats and make them happy by giving them a cage.

1. Rat Cage From Old TV Stand

Transform your old tv stand into a rat cage. All the supplies you want in this DIY are wire, spray paint, small hinges, and a latch with a spring. Learn how to make it here!

2. DIY Rat Cage From PVC Pipes

Now it’s time to get your unused PVC pipes out of the storeroom. You don’t need to do much on this project, just follow the instructions here!

3. DIY Double-Decker Bin Cage for Rats

With a plastic storage tub, metal wire, and duct tape, you can easily and quickly build a double-decker rat cage. It is best for people who have many rats in their house. Click here to follow the full DIY!

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4. DIY Sliding Door Rat Cage

Maybe it’s a little expensive for you to buy a modern rat cage from the store. With the help of DIY here, you can make it easily and cheaply at home.

5. A Naturalistic Hamster Cage

As we all know it is expensive to buy a modern and naturalistic rat cag from the market. With the help of this video tutorial, you can make it easily and quickly at home. Follow the video tutorial here


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6. How To Make A Rat Cage

With the help of woods and some other home supplies, you can build this amazing house for your little members. Learn how to make a rat cage at home here!

7. DIY Hamster House Using Cardboard

Best out of waste, you don’t need to buy a single thing from the store. All you need in this project are cardboard, a glue gun & sticks, and scissors. Take inspiration from here!

8. DIY Popsicle Stick House for Hamster

If you are best at making a popsicle stick project, then definitely you need to try it. Click here for the video tutorial!

9. DIY PVC Pipe Cage

An easy and cheap DIY by using PVC pipes. The main thing about this project is that you can use it for any small pet. Follow the full tutorial here!

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