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Cat wheel

Here are easy 7 DIY Cat Wheel Ideas for your pretty kitty!

If your cat doesn’t go outside the house, then the cat wheel or DIY Cat wheel is great equipment for it. This can easily be made at home. There are many tutorials in this post, only you have to choose your easiest one. So stay tuned with us to follow your favorite DIY from the below!


1. Yard Exercise Wheel

Cats love a large area to play in and can burn all their energy, this is the best idea to make an outdoor cat wheel in the yard.

2. Under $15 Cat Exercise Wheel

If you are looking for side packed wheel for cats, this is the best option for under $14.

3. DIY Hamster Cat Wheel

If you are looking for something beautiful and attractive, check out this tutorial here


4. Decorative Cat Wheel DIY

This is another unique and Beautiful DIY for creative people. Complete this DIY here.

5. Easy Inexpensive Running wheel

You can make this cat wheel project in 2 or 3 hours. The main thing about this, it is simple and decorative too.

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6. Simple Cat Wheel

If you are not able to spend money, this is a good option to make a cat exercise wheel with useless materials.

7. Cardboard Cat Exercise Wheel

The cardboard wheel is a better option for making on a low budget. Start this project and make your cat happy.

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