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DIY Amazing Small Indoor Greenhouse | Greenhouse Ideas

DIY Amazing Small Indoor Greenhouse with Ideas!

It is expensive to buy a modern greenhouse from the store, and why do we spend a lot of money on the greenhouse when we have cheap options. Make a greenhouse cheaply by using old and waste material.

1. Amazing Small Greenhouse By Photo Frame

Small White Photo Fram Greenhouse

Collect your all photo frame and start making this pretty simple greenhouse. Before starting this project all you need is 8 lightweight picture frames (Two 8 X 10’s, Two 5 X 7’s, and four 4 X 6’s) or buy from a dollar store. Start this project by painting the frames with white color. Find this tutorial here!

2. DIY Small Hexagonal Greenhouse

DIY Small Hexagonal Greenhouse

It is a great idea, turn your old curio cabinet into a hexagonal greenhouse and it looks simple and gorgeous. Find this tutorial here!

3. Small White Photo Fram Greenhouse

Make a small indoor greenhouse terrarium with the help of a photo frame. Follow this tutorial step by step.

4. DIY Countertop Greenhouse

DIY Countertop Greenhouse

Easy and simple to make, try this countertop for your loveable herbs. All you have to do is take wood from your storeroom and cut the wood lengthwise. Make a greenhouse frame with wood and attach glass to it. Add hinges and other last bits. Read more here!

5. DIY Plastic Container

DIY Plastic Container

A fantastic idea to transform a plastic container into a small greenhouse. Follow this DIY step by step!

6. DIY Cd Case Greenhouse


DIY Cd Case Greenhouse

If you are perfect in DIY’s making, then this project is easy for you. Start this project by cleaning CD cases and remove the price tag from it. Then build four walls for the main part of the greenhouse. For Tutorial open this link!

7. DIY Greenhouse with LED Strip

DIY Greenhouse with LED Strip

By adding a thermometer to the LED greenhouse, you can adjust the temperature of the plant according to how hot or sun they like. Read the full post here!

8. DIY Gold Greenhouse

DIY Gold Greenhouse

Wow, simple and amazing gold greenhouse project for gardeners. First, remove all plastic pieces from the frame. Second, cover the outside of the frame with gilding. Third, paint on the cardboard or frame. Complete DIY is here!

9.DIY Plastic Container Greenhouse

DIY Plastic Container Greenhouse

The simplest and easiest project on this list. All you have to do is follow this tutorial!

10. DIY No Budget Windowsill

DIY No Budget Windowsill

with this instructable, you can easily create a convenient small greenhouse that can be placed on the window sill. Check this tutorial here.

11. DIY Tabletop Greenhouse

This greenhouse is the perfect tabletop plant display. make your own design, here are some simple ideas for DIY’s lover. Check out this tutorial.

12. DIY Bottle Greenhouse

This tutorial shows you how to make your own greenhouse with water bottles. Check this DIY and start your tomato and vegetable seeds indoors in a few weeks.

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