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Pet Water Fountain

Stay tuned with us to know these amazing DIY Cat Water Fountain Ideas for your lovable pets. So that they can drink fresh and filtered water.

There are a few main things you should consider when you take care of your loveable cat. Drinking water is one of the main things you should take care of. Read this post thoroughly and let us know which one you like in the below comment box.

1. Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Automatic Cat Water Fountain

If you want to make a quick and automatic fountain then this is the easiest method to make it. All you need is a water bottle and a bowl. Follow the tutorial here!

2. Under $15 Cat Water Fountain

This is a slightly expensive method but you can make it very easily. Just two things are needed to make it, let’s see a tutorial.

3. Steel Vessel Cat Fountain

This is also an easy way to make a cat watering fountain, you can make it from your dinnerware. All you need is a cooler motor. Click here to see it.

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4. PVC Cat Water Fountain

PVC Cat Water Fountain

With the help of this tutorial, you can make a cat-watering fountain with PVC pipes with some creative mind. The best thing about this fountain is that your cat can takes a fun bath.

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5. Terra Cotta Cat Water Fountain

Terra Cotta Cat Water Fountain

If you want to create something unique and you are a creative person, then you can easily make this Terra Cottage Cat Water Fountain. You can also decorate it on your table. This tutorial will help you easily.

6. DIY Cat Water Fountain Ideas

This is an easy and fast method to make a cat watering fountain in hours. With the help of this tutorial and some ingredients, such as a water bottle, popsicle sticks, and a glue gun you can easily make a fountain.

7. Outdoor Bamboo Water Fountain

This outdoor cat water fountain is made with bamboo and a bowl. You can also enhance its beauty with colorful pebbles. Read the full tutorial here.

8. Filtered Water Fountain

The filtered fountain is a good solution for your cat because it provides fresh water every time which cats love much more. Check the full DIY here.

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9. Water Fountain For Cat

Water Fountain For Cat

With the help of an old bowl and water pump or you can buy them from the store as well make this easy and amazing water fountain for your cat. Watch the DIY here.

10. Flower Pot Water Fountain

Flower Pot Water Fountain

This is a unique way to build a filtered fountain with a pot and some other ingredients. With the help of this tutorial, you can easily create an exact cat water fountain. Follow the DIY here


11. DIY Low-Cost Cat Fountain

DIY Low-Cost Cat Fountain

Make your little cat water fountain with household items and a pump. To start this DIY click here!

12. DIY Cat Water Fountain Under 5$

DIY Cat Water Fountain Under 5$

In this video, you will learn how to make a safe, portable, and easy cat water fountain cheaply. Find the complete tutorial here!

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13. DIY Simple Water Fountain

Without the mess in your dwelling room, this easy fountain idea is for the bathroom. With the assist of a bucket, pipe, and pump. Start the project by clicking the play button!

14. DIY Cat Water Fountain

Small and easy water fountain for your kitty, all you want is a 5-watt aquarium pump and case. For more click on this video!

15. handmade ceramic cat water fountain

handmade ceramic cat water fountain

Make a tabletop water fountain using a simple pump and a ceramic bowl. All you need to do is follow this video tutorial here!

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16. DIY LED And Bubbler Fountain

It can be very expensive to purchase a disco light cat water fountain. Build a cat water fountain for under $ 10. All you need is an LED light, a fancy glass bowl, and a water pump.

17. DIY Water Fountain with Plastic Bottle and Led

Wow, you can make a stunning cat water fountain with the help of an old plastic bottle and LED light. For more watch the full detailed video here!

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18. DIY Waterfall Cat Fountain

It is costly to buy a waterfall from the shop. Create a lovely waterfall for the cat with the help of sand, cement, metal wire, PVC pipe, 12 volts LED light, and a mini water pump. Take inspiration from here!

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19. DIY Tabletop Cat Water Fountain

Another one with an old plastic bottle, you can additionally beautify your table with this gorgeous cat water fountain. For full instructions follow the video here!

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