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Learn how to make a Dice Tray cheaply!

Make your game more fascinating and fun, without wiping off the whole game. Here are 15 easy and fantastic DIY Dice Tray Ideas that you can easily make at home with your friends.


1. Octagon Dice Tray Idea

DIY Octagon Dice Tray

Buying an octagonal dice tray is very expensive. You can easily make a modern dice tray using your creativity. All you need to do is follow this Tutorial!

2. Wyrmwood Purpleheart Dice Tray

Wyrmwood Purple heart Dice Tray

Keep your dice secure with the Wyrmwood Purpleheartt tray. This precise design made of Peltogyne wood, which gives a purple color. Continue reading at Bleeding Cool!

3. DIY Sword Design Dice Tray

DIY Sword Design Dice Tray

Make your game interesting and fun, roll your dice without wiping off the whole game. Make your dice tray in easy steps, go to Geek & Sundry!

4. DIY Black & Orange Dice Tray

DIY Black & Orange Dice Tray

make your fortunate dice tray with this superb black and white frame. open the photo frame, take out the glass, paper, and photo mount/surround, continue studying at faux Hammer!

5. DIY Cheap RPG Dice Tray

DIY Cheap RPG Dice Tray

This may be an attractive dice tray for your RPG gaming table. you can make this project cheaply with the help of a wooden box, air-dry clay, piece of a thin doormat, disposable chopsticks, water-base paint, and varnish. Continue reading at Instructables!

6. DIY Tabletop Dice Tray

Tabletop Dice

The cheapest and easiest idea for your tabletop gaming. It is simply made up of a cigar box and some other materials. Follow this tutorial Here.

7. DIY collapsible dice trays

collapsible dice tray

It is a good idea to introduce your DND character with this colorful dice tray. Try this project with help of scuba knit fabric. Read more Here


8. DIY Simple Dice Tray

DIY Dice Tray ideas

If you are looking out for a simple dice tray with storeroom materials, make this tray with unfinished wooden trays and craft foam sheets. Visit Chicago Now!

9. DIY Frame Dice Tray

DIY Frame Dice Tray

Roll your dice with inexpensive pretty tray. Take a photo frame and remove the glass and photo, and paint it with black paint. Continue reading at Beast Sofwar!

10. Green Sharpie and Basswood

Green Sharpie and Basswood DIY Dice tray idea

It is amazing to roll your dice on your favorite color. Make your favorite color tray with the help of this Tutorial!

11. DIY Book Dice Tray Idea

This is the cheapest project on this list. Turn your old book in a dice table tray. follow this video step by step!

12. DIY Modern Dice Tray Idea

This Dice Tray is easy peasy to make and looks so beautiful. End this project with your friends and enjoy your D&D.

13. Custom Dice Tray Idea

If you be aware of DIYing than this task is enjoyable for you. With the assist of wooden and other materials, you can cease up this project. To know more click on this video!

14. DIY Book Dice Tower

It’s a pretty simple and affordable project for D&D lovers. Make a dice tower with the help of this tutorial.

15. DIY Foam Dice Tower Idea

Another beautiful dice tower, with the help of XPS foam, black gray and tan paint, hot glue and cardboard, end this project and begin playing.

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