29 Easy DIY Fake Plant Ideas | How to make fake plants easily at home

Make a Realistic Garden With These DIY Fake Plant Ideas!

Don’t have enough time to take care of live plants? In this article, you will learn how to make fake plants at home from household items. So, here are 29 fantastic DIY Fake Plant Ideas to beautify your home. Stay tuned with us and follow your favorite DIY from the below.

1. DIY Swiss Cheese Plant

With the help of Green floral, corsage tape, foam, and gravel, you can make a fake cheese plant easily at home. Learn how to make a fake cheese plant here!

2. DIY Philodendron Heart Leaf

Wow, it looks realistic and beautiful, makes your philodendron leaf with the help of The House That Lars Built!

3. DIY Paper Snake Fake Plant

To make this paper a snake plant, you will need green text weight paper, 24-gauge floral wire, a foam ball, fake moss, and a simple terra cotta pot.

4. DIY Chinese Money Plant

An easy and brilliant way to beautify your stairs or your craft room. With the assist of green paper, wire cutter, and paintbrush entire this Chinese Money Plant project.

5. Crepe Paper Fiddle Leaf Fig

looking for a modern or timeless faux plant for your balcony. With the assist of your children, you can cease this project.

6. DIY watermelon peperomia

Fill your empty pot with a faux melon plant and beautify the place you want. Check out this DIY tutorial for steps!

7. DIY Paper Monstera Leaves

Yes, you can change your home amendment with the paper monstera leaves. Follow the tutorial here!

8. DIY Paper Cactus

You are concerned about your real small Cactus, so today, make fake cactus plants with the assist of paper and decorates them with boxes.

9. DIY Tissue Paper Flower

Perfect for dressing up your home or your workplace desk. You can pick your preferred colors like pink, lavender, or even bright colors that would appear beautiful as well. For DIY visit Lia Griffith!

10. DIY Fake Topiary

Learn how to make a DIY fake topiary with fake greenery and flower pot. Find the instructions here


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11. How to Make Paper Plants Easily

Decore your simple dwelling room window with this pretty paper’s fake plants. Click here for DIY!

12. DIY Cactus Plants

Black and white little geometric fake Cactus. For more, go to the crafted sparrow!

13. Cactus with Pool Noodles

Using pool noodles, foam sealant, paint, a knife, a terracotta pot, and other craft materials, you can quickly make this Cute Cactus.

14. DIY Crochet Cactus

If you know to weave, then the DIY crochet cactus idea is best for you. Start your task with the help of cutout and keep!

15. Felt Cactus DIY

Print out the paper or freehand your design and cut out the cactus and fill them with polyfill and plant them in a mini terracotta pot. Visit here for more!

16.  DIY Fake Leaves

Decorate your free area with the help of green faux leaves. Follow this tutorial for more information!

17. DIY Faux Succulents

If you are looking for indoor decorating fake plants, faux succulents are a fantastic option for you. You can make them in many varieties, comply with this tutorial for more!

18. DIY Pebble Cactus

The budget free project, get some oval and oblong shape pebbles of different sizes and paint them like Cactus. For more, watch this video.

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19. DIY Clay Cactus Fake Plant

Clay Cactus is a fun project for your children. Check out this tutorial!

20. DIY Paper Cactus And Grasses

Wow, bright-colored papers, bright-colored rocks, and simple white pots, it’s a superb combination for your faux cactus plant and grass. Take inspiration from here!

21. DIY Fake Succulents

Using hot glue and some other supplies you can easily make these fake succulents. All you have to do is follow the step by step tutorial here!

22. DIY Papier Mache Cacti

Decorate your staircase & living room with these cute cactus. The materials you need are a knife, homemade wheat paste, newspaper, flower clippers, and acrylic paint. Follow the DIY here!

23. DIY Clay Zebra Plant

As we all know that it is expensive to buy this zebra plant, make it in your home using clay and other items. Get the video tutorial here!

24. DIY Wooden Cacti

If you have wood cutting tools at home then these DIY wooden cacti are for you. All you have to do is follow the instructions here!

25. Faux Cacti Centerpieces

Beautiful and easy craft for a boring time, make this cactus centerpiece and decorate your living room. We got the idea here!

26. DIY Succulents Fake Plants

Looking for a fake plants project for your children? Then you are at the right point. This is an easy and fun project for you kids. Find the DIY here!

27. DIY Fake Cactus From Pincushion

Wow, simple and attractive cactus to make your room extra beautiful. You don’t need too much for this project. the materials you need are a floral foam cone, hot glue gun, pillow stuffing, fabric scissors, terra cotta pot, and yarn needle. Click here for DIY!

28. DIY Aloe Vera Fake Plant

Making a fake aloe vera with your friends is a fun project. Start making fake aloe vera plants here!

29. DIY Cacti Ring Holder

Keep your ring in a safe place, learn how to make a cactus ring holder here!


If you like these DIY Fake Plant Ideas then don’t forget to tell us your favorite one in the comment box below!  



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