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DIY movies poster wall

Use this DIY Movies Poster Wall idea and transform your old boring wall with your favorite movie posters.

movies poster wall

If you are fond of movies and you want to put your favorite movie posters on the empty wall of your room cheaply, then check out this DIY Movies Poster Wall tutorial and decorate your wall.

I used this idea for shooting a short film and many people praised this wall, so I thought why not share it with all of you. You can use this idea, either way, you can do it in your yoga room, bad room, or your children’s room, or if you are a photographer, you can also add your favorite photos.

First, think about how many posters you have to put on your wall. I had to put movie posters everywhere on my wall and then I downloaded 50 posters of my favorite movies on Google and I bought some posters from the shop.

If you h ave a printer, you will just need white blank paper and don’t have a printer, you can take a printout of the poster from the shop. I have used black and white posters for a vintage look.


All you need is


Double side tapes



movie wall poster

How to make movies Poster Wall

Step 1

Collect your all printout posters, and cut them in equal sizes. I have cut some posters because some of my posters were small in size, so I make them equal in size.

Step 2

Let’s start this project by pasting the poster’s top side of the wall. Use double side tape on the corner of the poster as well as apply glue to the remaining part, stick well otherwise they will fall.

Step 3

movies poster wall

Now slowly paste all the posters in this way and remember that there should be no gap in the middle of the posters. You can take the help of your children, your work will become easier. This process can take some time, believe me when it is fully completed, you will like it.

After all, steps, stand away, and see the result of your hard work. Take a photo and share it with your friends and tell them about your new wall decoration.

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