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Propagating Swiss Cheese Plant In Water | How to grow swiss cheese in water

Propagate More & More Swiss Cheese Plants Easily From This Method!

In this article, you will learn about how to grow a Swiss cheese plant in water, as well as you will also learn how to care and another method to grow a swiss cheese plant easily at home. So keep reading to know more about a swiss cheese plant.

The swiss cheese plant is also called “Monstera deliciosa“. Is a genus of flowering plants, native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico. As we all know it is famous for its heart-shaped leaves and natural holes. On other hand, it is a variety of philodendrons and also has aerial roots.

Many gardeners used to grow swiss cheese plants to enhance a garden tree trunk, or for indoor decoration. Swiss cheese can be propagated from three methods, one from seeds, the second from cuttings, and the other is suckers. Growing swiss cheese or some other philodendrons is difficult to grow from seeds, therefore growing from cuttings is the best way to propagate successfully. Here you will learn how to propagate swiss cheese from cuttings in water. So let’s go ahead!

Can Swiss Cheese Plants Be Propagated in Water?

Propagating Swiss Cheese Plant In Water | How to grow swiss cheese in water

If you have this question in your mind then the answer is, yes, you can propagate swiss cheese in water. In fact, growing cheese vine cuttings in water is the easiest of all methods plus you don’t need to do much on this process.

Can I propagate Monstera Swiss without a node?

Can I propagate Monstera Swiss without a node?

Of course not. Monstera swiss is not able to grow without a node, in fact, all the varieties of philodendron are not able to grow without the nods. If you are growing vines or plants from cuttings, a successful result depends on a node. Because a node contains the structure that is needed for the new growth of the leaf and stem. Furthermore, swiss cheese cuttings can stay fresh in water for a long time and even develop roots, but new leaves and stem growth can only come from a node.

How to Propagate Swiss Cheese Plant in Water

How to Propagate Swiss Cheese Plant in Water

Swiss cheese is much easier to grow in water than other methods, you can grow them in vases, terrariums, and glasses. If the cheese vines are not available at your home, then you can buy them from the nearby nursery or you can cut them from your friend’s house. So let’s see how to propagate the swiss cheese plant in water, follow the directions below!

Supplies you need

  • Cheese vines cuttings
  • Freshwater
  • Glass, terrarium, or vases

How to grow 

  • If you have already cut the cheese cuttings from the vine then wait for the second step. Those who have not cut it yet, with the help of scissors cut the mature stem, make sure that your cutting contains severals nodes and leaves. After, remove one or two leaves from the cut end of the stem.
  • Wash the choosing vessel.
  • Now, fill a vessel with fresh water.
  • It’s time to put the cuttings in the water, so, put the cut end of the stem into the water.
  • In this way, you can propagate more and more cheese vines from the cuttings.
  • At last, keep the choosing vessel into its final location, put it into the indirect sunlight source. Now, it’s up to you where you have to put it, even it’s a window sill, and on the staircase, or on the tabletop.

How long does it take for Swiss cheese to grow new roots?

How long does it take for Swiss cheese to grow new roots?

If you are growing philodendron cuttings in water and soil, then you have to be patient. Therefore, growing swiss cheese vine is a slow-growing process, you will see the successful result but not instantly. So, swiss cheese new roots occur after in 3-4 weeks. As long as you need to take care of it and be patient


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When to change Swiss cheese vase water for successful growth?

When to change Swiss cheese vase water for successful growth?

Generally, you need to change the swiss cheese vase water in 2 to 3 days. All the philodendron variety like freshwater, therefore swiss cheese too. So it is better to change the swiss cheese vase water in 2 or 3 days. Vines cuttings need clean and fresh water to grow, whenever you see the dirtiness in the water so I suggest you that change the water instantly.

Not only this, if your vase is infested with moss and dirt, you need to clean the vase with warm water. All you have to do is gently remove the plant from the vase and clean it with warm water, wiping off the water with a clean cloth. Next, gently put the plant back in the vase then again fill it with fresh water.

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How to Propagate Swiss Cheese into the soil?

How to Propagate Swiss Cheese into the soil?

After your little babies were successfully grown into the water and if you wish to grow some of them into the garden or in a pot. Follow the directions below!


  • Rich potting soil
  • Digging tool
  • Water
  • A Pot or container
  • Little swiss cheese plants

How to grow

Choose the location:- If you are growing new little swiss cheese in the garden soil then choose the place where indirect sunlight comes. For those who are taking pot or container, you also need to do the same, just choose the place where the indirect sunlight comes.

Fill the pot with rich soil:- Before moving on to the next step, fill your chosen pots and a container with rich potting mix soil.

Make a hole:- With the help of a digging tool, make 3 inches deep and wide hole in the chosen soil.

Take out the plant:- Gently, take out the plant from the vase.

Plant it into the soil:- Now, gently insert the roots into the hole, not a single root should be damaged. Keep the plant in the center of the hole.

Cover with the soil:- Blandly cover the hole with rich potting soil.

Water the plant:- It’s time to water your little new member, give enough water, no less and no more. Also, water regularly, or within two or three days, and or once a week, as you wish.

Keep the plant into final location:- After all processes place the pot or container wherever you want but not in direct sunlight. You can put them on the kitchen’s window sill, in the living room, or on the balcony, it’s up to you.

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