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Beautify your home easily and cheaply with a bamboo fountain!

As we all know that it is expensive for us to buy a bamboo fountain. Easily and inexpensively make a bamboo water fountain with the help of the given DIY’s as well as beautify your home.

1. Floor Bamboo Water Fountain

Floor Bamboo Water Fountain

Make this mini bamboo water fountain cheaply. All you need is white rocks, a bowl, a pump, and different size bamboos. Take inspiration from here!

2. Shishi-Odoshi Bamboo Fountain

Shishi-Odoshi Bamboo Fountain

This is the best option for your backyard as well as an indoor decoration. The material you need is big size bamboo, a pump, glue gun, and black & white stones. We got the idea here!

3. Bamboo And Cement Fountain

Bamboo And Cement Fountain

Make this beautiful and attractive bamboo fountain. All you need is a polystyrene sheet, a pump, any color stones, cement, and a glue gun & sticks. Get the DIY here!

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4. DIY Bamboo Waterfall

DIY indoor Waterfall

The best bamboo fountain on this list. Make this beautiful fountain and attract your friends. Take inspiration from here


5. A Simple Bamboo Fountain

Need an easy and quick bamboo fountain? Try out this idea, all you have to do is follow the DIY here!

6. Monjolo Fountain

Monjolo Fountain

Is your desire to make a working project? Make a monjolo bamboo fountain with the help of this tutorial. All you need is bamboos and a little patience.

7. Bamboo Wheel Fountain

Bamboo Wheel Fountain

Make a fountain for your peace of mind. Start the project here!

8. Terracotta Bamboo Fountain


Enhance the beauty of your home with this terracotta bamboo fountain. Keep it in your living room or in your guest room, both are the best places. Take inspiration from here!

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9. Mini Shishi-Odoshi Fountain


Do you know what shishi-odoshi is? It is a Japanese bamboo water fountain that makes noise. Start the project here!

10. DIY Bamboo Fountain

Bamboo Fountain

In this tutorial video, you will see 9 types of bamboo fountains. Choose any of them and start making it.

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