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11 Adorable DIY Cat Shoes | Cat Shoes Ideas

Cat Shoes For Cat Lovers!

In this post, you will learn how to design your old sneakers into the cat shoes. Here are 11 adorable DIY cat shoe ideas that will help you to make easily and cheaply. So stay tuned with us and read this post thoroughly

1. DIY Pete Cat Shoes

11 Adorable DIY Cat Shoes

Transform your simple and old shoes into cat sneakers. All you need is white shoes, blue sharpie fabric markers, a yellow tulip fabric marker, and cat eyes and nose print out. Take inspiration from here!

2. DIY Glitter Cat Canvas

11 Adorable DIY Cat Shoes

A beautiful and lightweight kitty shoe idea for you. You can use it at home or outside, it’s up to you. The material required is canvas shoes, glitter heat transfer, scissors, tissue paper, and Cricut easy press mini. Learn how to make it here!

3. Black & White Cat Sneakers

Black & White Cat Shoes

People will be attracted to you when you wear them and go to the party. All you need is plain sneakers, black heat transfer vinyl, a craft knife, and mini craft iron. learn how to make these cool cat sneakers here!

4. DIY Cat Flats Idea

Black & White Cat Shoes

A simple and easy DIY cat flats idea for you. All you have to do is mark the nose and eyes with a pencil, use a hole-punch to make holes for the eyes. Insert the cat’s eye into the hole, continue reading here!

5. Cat Shoes For Children’s

Cat Shoes For Children's

If your children know a little craft, this project is great for them, you don’t need a lot of things to make these shoes. So let’s see how to make them, follow the detailed tutorial here


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6. How to Design Cat Shoes Quickly

How to design cat shoes quickly

Sometimes you don’t have time for a DIY project, or your kids insist on buying cat shoes, try this idea to make cat shoes quickly and cheaply. All you need are a glue gun, plain black ballet flats, and a yellow highlighter. DIY is here!

7. DIY Cat Toe Shoes Upcycle

DIY Cat Toe Shoes Upcycle

Turn your simple pair of flats into amazing toe shoes within an hour. The supplies you need are black fabric paint, white & gray fabric paint, and tape. We got the idea here!

8. DIY Pink & Black Cat Flats Idea

DIY Pink & Black Cat Flats

Another choice for toe cat flat, if you love pink color then try this idea. Here you will need, a pair of pink flats, and black & white fabric paint. Learn how to make it here!

9. Canvas Sneakers With Kitten Silhouettes

Canvas Sneakers With Kitten Silhouettes

Have you ever wanted to become a designer? Make this dream real by designing your sneakers in kitten silhouettes. All you have to do is follow the DIY here!

10. Cat Mary Jane Shoes

Cat Mary Jane Shoes

Design your own shoes and surprise your friends. Start this project by collecting all these supplies, plastic eyepieces, plastic nose pieces, craft glue, pink, black and red sheets. Click here for the DIY!

11. DIY Kitten Slippers Idea

DIY Kitten Slippers

A great way to give the cat character to old slippers. All you have to do is follow the tutorial here!

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