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Beautify Your Home With These Amazing Cactus!

Sometimes you don’t have time to water your plants, make fake cactus to get out of this trouble. Here are 14 mind-blowing DIY fake cactus ideas that will help you make your home extra beautiful.

1. DIY Papier Mache Cacti

DIY Papier Mache Cacti

Make your home beautiful with these cute members. Start making these with the help of pots, a knife, homemade wheat paste, newspaper, flower clippers, acrylic paint. Click here for the DIY!

2. DIY Paper Cactus

DIY Paper Cactus

Fake cactus is good for those who do not have time to water the plants. The materials you need are paper, scissors, a stapler, utensils, rice, acrylic paint, a small paintbrush, and a glue gun. Start making this project here!

3. Cute Cactus DIY Plant

Cute Cactus DIY Plant

It is expensive to buy a real big cactus, make your own at home easily and cheaply. All you have to need is a utility knife, foam sealant, plaster of pairs, two dowels, 2-3 paintbrushes, scissors, and terracotta pots. See the full detailed article here!

4. DIY Wooden Cacti

DIY Wooden Cacti

Something different and beautiful, if you have wood cutting tools then try this DIY wooden cactus. The supplies you need are tin cans, a piece of scrap wood, a paintbrush, sandpaper, a drill & jigsaw, and green craft paints.

5. Faux Cacti Centerpieces

Faux Cacti Centerpieces

I think this centerpiece looks so cute and is a great easy craft to do with your children. See how to make it here!

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6. DIY Cactus Pincushion

DIY Cactus Pincushion

This is pretty much the perfect project to teamwork with your good friends. The materials you need are fabric scissors, terra cotta pot, floral foam cone, hot glue gun, pillow stuffing, and yarn needle. find the DIY here!

7. How to Make a Clay Cactus

How to Make a Clay Cactus

A quick and beautiful project to make a cactus at home with the assist of oven-bake clay, smooth water glass, baking sheet, oven, gold paint, and a paintbrush. Learn how to make a clay cactus here


8. DIY Cactus Pillow

DIY Cactus Pillow

Make your sofa extra beautiful by making a cactus pillow with your household items. The supplies you need are a sewing machine, fabric, yarn, thread, needle, scissors, and pins. Start making pillow cactus here!

9. DIY Paper Cactus

DIY Paper Cactus

There is nothing easier than a papercraft project. Make these cute paper cactus with your children, all you need is craft papers, pots, and rocks. Get full detailed DIY here!

10. DIY Clay Fake Cacti

DIY Clay Fake Cactus

Beautify your home with these beautiful clay cactus. Start this fun project with the help of clay, and pots. Take inspiration from here!

11. Felt Cactus DIY

Felt Cactus DIY

If you love to do sewing then this project is for you. Make these amazing felt cacti and surprise your friends, or you can gift them to your mom on mother’s day. Follow the DIY here!

12. DIY Crochet Cactus

DIY Crochet Cactus

Are you perfect at weaving? Try this amazing small cactus project. All you need is green & brown yarn, and a yarn needle. We got the idea here!

13. Fake Cactus For Decoration

Beautiful and attractive cactus plants for home decoration. The materials you want are printable cactus temples, a glue gun, and sticks, tin cans, black and white paint. Start DIY here!

14. Waste Materials Cactus

Make these little beautiful cacti with waste materials. The required materials are a pink and black box, gel glue, light green cardboard, and heat punch, see more materials and DIY instructions here!

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