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16 Mind-blowing Staircase Plant Ideas

Follow these 16 mind-blowing Staircase Plant Ideas and make your home extra beautiful!

Do your staircase are boring? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here are 16 mind-blowing staircase plant ideas that will help bring fresh air and a cool atmosphere to your home.

1. Small Staircase Garden

Staircase plant ideas

A simple and beautiful way to beautify your boring staircase. All you have to do is pick some plant pots from your terrace and put them on your staircase, now your small garden is ready.

2. Cactus Staircase

Staircase plant ideas

Does your staircase doesn’t have enough space for pots? This idea is for you, use cacti & succulents, or any plants which are available in your home.

3. Philodendron Staircase

Staircase plant ideas

Sometimes simple things look more attractive and luxurious. The only thing you need to do is to place Philodendron pots on your empty stairs.

4. Simple Staircase Plant Idea

Staircase plant ideas

If you don’t have a lot of indoor plants, don’t worry, take two or three plants & pots. Paint one pot like your stairs color and the other pots like your wall, and put them in their place. Now your small beautiful staircase garden is ready.

5. Hanging Vines

Staircase plant ideas

Do you have lots of vine plants in your house? Then this option is for you. All you have to do is hang your pots in the wall and put soil in it, as well as plant your vines in it. Now your new garden is ready.

6. Decorative Vase Staircase Plant Idea

Staircase plant ideas

Searching for a simple and beautiful staircase plant idea? Beautify your empty stairs with this amazing decorative vase. Only you have to do is buy two decorative vases and plant any indoor plant that is available in your home.

7. Cacti And Succulents

Staircase plant ideas

If you want to decorate your staircase with small plants & pots, then cacti and succulents are the right options.

8. Candlelit and Plants Staircase

Staircase plant ideas

Make a heaven staircase in your home with the aid of candlelit and stunning plants.


9. Snake Plants & Golden Cans

Staircase plant ideas

Recycle your old cans and make your staircase beautiful. Start the task via gathering all cans, and paint golden color on it, and allow to dry. as soon as cans are dry then mix the soil in all cans and plant your preferred plants. Now the pots are ready to surprise your friends.

10. Vines On Staircase Wall

Staircase plant ideas

Do you have a cantilever staircase in your house? Make your staircase more beautiful by using the vines on the wall. If you don’t have vine plants, I think buying fake vine is the best option for you.

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11. Succulents On Staircase

Staircase plant ideas

Hang your succulents plants on the stair railings and attract your friends and guests. All you need is hanging baskets, soil, and succulents.

12. Snake plant Staircase

Staircase plant ideas

Make a mini garden in your home with the help of snake plants. If you don’t have the snake plants or you don’t want to spend much money on snake plants, then make your own fake snake & many more plants with the help of this DIY.

13. An Easy and Attractive Staircase Idea

Staircase plant ideas

Splendid your stairs with these amazing white covered pots and thuja plants. All you need is white polythene, small ropes, and thuja plants.

14. Vines and Candles Staircase

Staircase plant ideas

Try out this idea and make your empty stairs modern and attractive.

15. Cute Vase & Plants

Cute Vase & Plants

Add these little members to your home to adorn your home. All you need to do is buy different shaped vases and plant your beloved plants.

16. Plants on stands

Using the stands is also a good choice. Plant aloe and succulent plants in a white pot, and place them on the pot stand, your staircase plants are ready.

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