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8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

Hide Your Nasty Areas With Lattice Trellis!

It is expensive to buy a lattice trellis, make it in your home with household materials. Here are 8 DIY lattice trellis ideas that will help you to hide your ugly areas easily and cheaply. As well as it is also the perfect place to grow your vines.

1. DIY Living Wall Lattice Privacy Screen

8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

The best place to grow vines, climbing roses, green beans, and many more. Make this beautiful trellis with the help of woods, wood glue, deck screws, gauge nail gun, and galvanized finish nails. Start the project here!

2. DIY PVC Lattice Trellis

8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

Reuse your PVC pipes and make a small trellis for your garden members. Learn how to make PVC trellis here!

3. How to Build a Lattice Trellis

8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

A big project takes time but the final result satisfies you. Make this beautiful lattice trellis with your friends. Follow the step by step tutorial here!

4. DIY Lattice Planter

8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

Perfect for the front or side view of your home. The material you need is cedar fences, wood screws, paint, lattice screens, clamps, miter saw, and drill. Take inspiration from here!

5. Lattice Flower Wall


8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

This is a simple DIY project that is perfect for beginners. It is also a quick project that you can make in 2 hours. The materials you need for this project are, a staple gun, staples, stain, tin cans, drill, screws, jigsaw, and eye protection, and follow the directions here!

6. DIY Lattice For Front Wall

8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

A simple and beautiful way to decorate your front empty wall with the chevron lattice. The supplies you want are measuring tape, hammer or nail gun, miter saw, pressure-treated, and drywall strips. Find the DIY here!

7. DIY Chevron Lattice Trellis

Looking for a cheap lattice trellis project? This DIY is best for you. The materials you need are pieces of wood and some other household supplies. Learn how to make it here!

8. Simple And Easy DIY Lattice Trellis

8 DIY Lattice Trellis Ideas

Hide the ugly areas of your yard with this trellis screen. It is really easy to make, and it will make a lot of difference in your yard or home. Follow the DIY tutorial here!

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