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Chicken Water Feeder

Make Your Little Ones Happy!

Do you want to make an automatic chicken water feeder? Then you are in the right place, make a chicken water feeder cheaply and easily with your household items.


1. DIY Glass Chicken Water feeder

DIY Glass Chicken Water feeder

Recycle your old glass and make a waterer cheaply and easily for your chickens. All you want is a vessel for the base and glass. Take inspiration from here!

2. DIY Waterer From Bucket

DIY Waterer From Bucket

It is a great idea to recycle your old bucket. Start the project with the help of two 5-gallon buckets and lids. We got the idea here!

3. DIY Milk Jug Waterer

DIY Milk Jug Waterer

Make a clean waterer easily and cheaply with a milk jug. You do not need to do a lot of work on this project, just cut it from both sides and hang it in the garden and fill it with water. Get full instructions here!

4. DIY Chicks Water Station

DIY Chicks Water Station

Build a permanent waterer station for your cute little chicks and make them happy. Essential stuff you need is PVC pipes, a pencil, ruler/tape measure, utility knife, and poultry watering nipples. Get the DIY here!

5. DIY Waterer From Beverage Cooler

DIY Waterer From Beverage Cooler

Instead of keeping a beaver cooler in the storeroom, turn it into a chicken’s water station. All you have to do is follow the tutorial here!

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6. Automatic Chicken Waterer

Automatic Chicken Waterer

sometimes you busy with other work and forget to water feeding your little ones, make an automatic water feeder, and get rid of this problem. Get a full detailed article here


7. Make Waterer just in 30 Minutes

Use a bucket for your small members and make them happy. All you have to do is follow the DIY here!

8. Waterer From Soda Bottle

Looking for a quick and cheap project? Then, this is for you, all you need is PVC Y fitting & Cap, 1L plastic soda bottle, hammer, and hand drill. learn how to make it here!

9. Hanging Bucket Waterer

Make this chicken water fountain easily with community chickens. The needed supplies are a bucket with a lid, a crescent wrench, drill, nipples, and silicone caulk.

10. Plastic Bottle Water Station

plastic bottle chicken water feeder

Simple, cheap, and quick idea for you. Learn how to make it here!

11. Water Feeder From Vanish Bottle

Water Feeder From Vanish Bottle

The best hack for you, recycle your vanish soap bottle as a water station and make your little ones happy. Take inspiration from here!

12. Waterer From Cement And Bottle

chicken water feeder

Build a waterer and food feeder for your chickens. All you have to do is follow the instruction here!

13. DIY PVC Waterer For Poultry Farm

chicken water feeder

Looking for a permanent waterer solution for your poultry farm? Try the PVC waterer idea and get rid of this problem. Start the project here!


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