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how to make concrete pots at home

Make pots easily and cheaply at home!

Buying pots from the store is expensive and they are not very strong, you can easily make pots at home with the concrete. Learn how to make concrete pots at home!

How to make concrete pots at home

Make these concrete pots and grow your lovable plants. Let’s see how to make it!


  • Concrete or cement, and sand
  • Containers, same shape plus different sized (paperboard cartoons)
  • Bucket for mixing concrete & cement
  • Scissor
  • Any concrete mixing tool or a stick
  • Rubber gloves
  • Scotch brown tape
  • Glue

How to make

1. Gather your containers, any types of containers you can take.

2. Cut off the top of the containers with the help of scissors. After that wrap the bottom of the large containers with brown tape ( because material should not come out from the bottom ).

How To Make Concrete Pots At Home

3. People who are taking concrete simply mix it with water and take care not to add too much water, keep your mixture thick.

4. For those who are taking cement, measure 2 parts cement and 3 parts sand, gently pour appropriate water and mix them well. Note that your mixture is neither too thick nor too thin.


5. After Mixing the materials, roll the cardboard strip for the drainage hole and glue it in the center of the primary container, allow it to dry.

How To Make Concrete Pots At Home

6. Now, fill the 2-inch mixture in the container for a base and put your secondary container in it. Note that your secondary container touches the rolled cardboard, fit it properly.

7. Fill the mixture 2 or 3 inches in the between of both containers. Place something heavy on the secondary container for proper shape.

How To Make Concrete Pots At Home

8. Now note that you do not have to move the container or else its shape may deteriorate.

9. Allow the mixture to dry for 24 hours.

10. After the concrete dries, gently remove both containers with the help of scissors and simultaneously remove the cardboard roll for the drainage hole. Now your pots are ready

How To Make Concrete Pots At Home

After all, paint your pots with fabric gold paint, you can take any color it’s your choice. At last, allow the paint to dry.

*We got this idea from Instructables.


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